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Online Social Bookmarking and Annotating


Make any photo talk!



-an online, interactive white board; www.skrbl.com

Blabberize: Another tutorial...

Comic Life

A Brief Introduction


What is Jing ?

Jing is a web 2.0 tool by TechSmith that will let you capture, record and share a demonstration you do on your computer to anywhere. It will then provide you with a URL or an embedded code so that you can share your movie capture. Download it now and try it !!

=Pages Software Application

From iWorks 08 brought to you by Jing

If you can't view this media clip , go to http://screencast.com/t/C8lltSKNbd


For a tutorial on brief intro. to using slideshare.net

Other Tutorials

At the link below you'll be able to goto a Moodle created for CFF. Click on Jason Heiser's Course at the bottom of the page. When prompted to log in click the log in as a guest button. This will take you to a number of tutorials and videos on various technologies: