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User Tips/Tricks

  • If you are using a smart pad with the board, use the buttons on the Promethean board and not the ones on the pad!
  • Page transitions, right click on arrow at the top to access them. Whatever pattern you choose will stay until change it.
  • To change the file format - go to the main menu and flip chart, down to exports and then you can choose many different formats.
  • You can embed code for web based tools and Geometer's Sketchpad, Discovery Streaming.
  • Minimize Dashboard - Main menu>Studio Settings>Dashboard - deselect Show Dashboard each time the program starts.
  • Show dashboard/Hide Dashboard button Main Menu>Customize>toolstore (Standard Tools- Screen button)
  • Duplicate from original - Right click>Edit>Drag and copy. Only the original can be copied in Presentation Mode.


  • Be sure you are using the most recent software update and the most current driver. You can get there from the dashboard, click support, Upgrades are available there. This will remove the watermark from your computer when you are not connected to the board, among other things.
  • Hover over tools and right click on them to get more options.
  • SPOTLIGHT!! Hover over the board to move the spotlight, touch the board to change the size of the spotlight.
  • If your highlighter colors are off (yellow looks green..) you need to change the color levels on your projector.
  • Emphasis was placed upon having students use the board!
  • Activmarker works on Microsoft applications, not on websites because when you scroll the annotations don't move.


  • Your presentation & design mode tool strips can be different.
  • Presentation toolstrip will have less than Design toolstrip.
  • Add colors (you can have 8,16,24) Customize>Colors
  • Customize Toolstore to add buttons to your toolstrips.
  • Lock object to page. Right Click>Edit>Lock
  • Quick Select toolbar can be added to enhance right click (turn it on/off in Studio Settings.)


Double click an Object>Properties>Red Checkmark icon (PC) or Blue checkmark icon (Mac)>Actions >Choose one from the drop down>set options
Show/Hide action ( check out the activtips )


Pull text from a box
Hiding objects has to be text, can't be annotations
Select word or box and then choose back/front

Presentation Mode vs Design Mode

  • Presentation Mode is 'safe mode'
  • Design Mode is for adjusting and modifying. By default Design Mode is not locked and Actions are disabled. Orange box around menu on pc and Blue on mac.

Web Resources

  • netTrekker and Promethean are working together to align flipcharts with standards. You can search for flipcharts in netTrekker by doing a keyword search and then by going to "collections."
  • In Promethean Planet - resource packs can be downloaded and used. This is also a place where flipcharts and other resources are stored.
  • In Promethean Planet - under prof. dev. there are lots of tips and videos "how tos"... pdf user guides, flipchart fundamentals...

  • Support is available here
  • Discussion Forums
  • User Guides
  • Curriculum Corner
  • Activtips - short video tutorials

http://www.Prometheanworld.com > North America
>Support (great support, email first)
>Video Showcase
>New Products

Classroom Benefits

  • PA schools have access to netTrekker and now netTrekker and Promethean are partnered to align flipcharts to standards and make them available in netTrekker.

Video files (link versus embed)

Right click on flipchart page and...
Insert>Video File Link>pick movie> options (text, icon media player, action hidden rectangle, store file in flipchart (brings file with flipchart), placeholder

Insert>Video Placeholder (embeds the video)

Link to docs, ppts,
Menu>Flipchart>Embed File Actions


Can the video recording feature be replayed step by step?

Coach Materials

Create User Groups

  • Benefits
  • Motivators
  • Obstacles
  • Topics

Next Steps....

When you get back to your district.
  1. Do an orientation for teachers, about an hour and a half about the toolbars. Coach can do this or a reseller (Logical Choice)
  2. Hold one user group session. Use the help file and go through the getting started parts. Atomic Learning also has short video tutorials.
  3. Have teachers register for Promethean Learning.
  4. Encourage teachers to do the free course. Certificate = 6 hours of Act 48
  5. Email Aleasha Aiken to arrange a site visit. aleasha.aiken@us.prometheanworld.com Looking at about 2 hours per 15 people, Aleasha is not a trainer, she's a teaching and learning consultant. Focus is on classroom application, not use of tools. If you have to split people by ability or area - choose to split by ability (and desire).
    • Training formats - lunch sit, evening, after school, weekends, and during school day.
    • Teachers should come prepared with something that can be transformed.
  6. You will receiving an email from Aleasha via CDWG with an attachment. That attachment will be a form to fill out with information for Aleasha so that she can tailor a training to meet your needs.

PA Team
Aleasha, Bob Cunningham (Area Sales Manager), Resellers, Luanne, Wendy, Kermit

Getting Promethean Software on a Mac
The software ran on 10.4 but not 10.5. To upgrade, which you will want to do regardless of your OS, is go to Promethean Planet and follow the steps to upgrade to 3.5.