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Coach and Librarian - PSLA pre-conference

Holly Jobe overviews goals of CFF
1 - Change Classroom practice
2 - Change student/teacher relationships

Sheri Rowe overviews the PDE Standard Aligned System
EdHub - right hand side, SAS

Folded library into....

6 spoke wheel image with student achievement in center
Seems like a no brainer to have this. Put into place clear standards, curriculum framework...solid instructional practices and supply resources to support that and address interventions to support strugglers and fair assessments- you will have student achievement.

How do we evaluate and know that?
How do we get by barriers and challenges?

Panel Discussion:
Danville area - Mike Nailor - librarian and Jenny Quinn - coach
Mike - Instead of trying to collaborate with every teacher, decided to try a different approach. Focused on three main collaborations (3 weeks to about 3 months).
  • English teacher interested in doing something creative with narrative writing. Thought about what makes a good story? Thinking about childhood...food memories for narrative writing approach. Collected food stories (Ira Glass) VoiceThread is where they went with it. Created discussion of how we can use other people's property?
  • English Dickinson - focus on young adult fiction - created conversation using Moodle discussions.
  • Two time periods - structured debate using Moodle - students were able to categorize information and that was a sign - Progressive and Imperialism Eras.
Jenny - Issue - getting math teachers involved - students created klinometers out of rulers and strings and took digital photos of them and used the klinometer of objects in building. Used images to document work and created vodcast of the process - math listserv.
English - Into the Wild - allowing self selection and then making presentations to present their themes - moodle glossary, geographic locations (google earth to create an overall kmz file). Student constructed learning.

Issues: Information fluency and tech issues can't be separated. Mutuality of roles - collaboration between the two of them.

Moving to 1:1

Springfield area - Joyce Valenza - librarian and Ken Rodoff - coach
  • It's about capacity. Technology has always been part of her life. Can't do it alone, but together we can reach more learners than we could independently.
  • Laptops can be brought anywhere. Teachers may be lonely and students can be getting bored.
  • Need library printers installed - but printing may also have decreased.
  • Laptops in library - even non CFF
  • VoiceThread - so simple - used it in World Language classes. ~ Check out their Iraqi VoiceThreads ~
  • It's all about audience - how can you archive it and reuse it?
  • School wide ppt reform Peter Norvig quote - http://www.informationfluency.wikispaces.com
***Fed up with student ppt projects (ban templates, bullet points, and clip art) Spend too much time 'learning powerpoint'
  • Instruction from teacher and expectations - but it all comes down to storytelling and ownership over content.
  • Confident, creative - able to tell stories
  • Move beyond Google Images- Creative Commons - search with adverbs
  • Copyright/copyleft - http://copyrightfriendly.wikispaces.com - creating pathways
  • http://polldaddy.com to gather feedback - strategy for evidence based practice
  • iGoogle pages
***Do we need a letter? Telling parents that we're going to use 2.0 apps. See examples, be excited about potential, get involved.
My idea? create a iGoogle page for SW.

Upper Merion - Sharon Nardelli - librarian and Kristin Hokanson - coach
Audience ? How did you go about setting up iGoogle for students. Introduced at faculty meeting - teachers set up their own
Great CFF Lessons:
Fosters 21st Century Skills
Uses technology
Relevant Resources (Blooms, standards)

It's not all about the technology!

Library standards, ISTE NETS*S, Blooms, State Standards

Received handout with draft (waiting on PDE Approval) rubric for lessons - down left side Standards, 21st Century Skills, Bloom's (2001), NETS*S, AASL 21st Century Learner.

Activity - review lesson and map against rubric. Each table was assigned a subject area and worked as a group to do an extreme makeover of the lesson plan. The information was posted and a gallery walk took place to review the objectives and activities of the other groups.

The recorder from each session is to email the remade lesson plan to PDE for inclusion in the CFF coaching materials on the edHub.