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CFF: We Have All Of This Cool Stuff, Now What? (Fred Hawthorne)

Presenter: Marty Petrosky
Affliliation: Shanksville - Stonycreek School

This presentation was concerned a Cohort 1 school's experience with implementing their CFF grant. Marty is a part time teacher (morning and afternoon class) and part time Technology Director for this small distric. They have 471 students k-12 and 38 faculty. He is the only tech guy. The $150,000 received from CFF changed the landscape of their district.

1.33 Student-Computer ratio now.
37 classrooms K-12 are considered "21st Century Equipped"
100% of their High School core classrooms are "21st Century Equipped"
25% of their total faculty K-12 are "21st Century Equipped"

Said their belief was that anyone can learn how to use this equipment but the teacher must be able to creatively apply the technology to the subject area and classroom.
  • Grant Preparation - he said year two is basically resubmitting the information along with a revised budget. All are automatically granted based on available funds.
  • Roadmap to Success - All stakeholders must be committed and involved. Also involved all faculty NOT part of the core group so they were not left out. The coach, principal and the tech director constitute the leadership team.
  • Implementation - They let the company do the install. Saved them a lot of time. Now hold trainings once a week on some aspect of the technology. They did the required course by paying the teachers to come in 20 hours over the summer.
  • Modelling - This is what they felt to be the single most important thing that they did. Principal uses the equipment in faculty meetings. If he screws up it shows the teachers they can also - we all learn together.
  • Troubleshooting - typical problems include dropped wireless which seems to be common statewide with the Lenovo, they have had some antivirus conflicts, several bad board components with the white boards, access points have been locking up and they were given misinformation about how far away to mount projectors - they were told 10-12 feet so had to move them into a bit less than 8 feet.
  • Flip the Switch Event - This was pushed by the state to market the program and its successes. They invited their state legislator (who came), Governor (who did not) and lots of local dignitaries. This was held in the evening and involved staff, students. They started in large group with a student in a classroom opening the program remotely -- via webcam. Then they had break out sessions with each teacher - student team demonstrating one aspect of the technology for about 20 minutes - the white board in one room, cart in another, software in some, webcam, cameras, etc. Then they came back for a wrap up session.
  • Success Stories - web collaboration, student wikis, e sub (not sure what this was), electronic resumes with PhotoStory, virtual tours, keyboarding, electronic quizzes.