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Adobe Training Notes

Day 1

Window menu lists the Palettes.
Window>Workspace>Default Workspace - returns setup to the original workspace.
Adobe Bridge software


Zoom tool with Navigator Palette allows you to zoom in and view detail of images.
Double click hand tool fits contents to current window.
Alt key with magnifying glass to zoom out. (Negative Zoom)

Screen Modes

(double window icon) There are four screen options. The black screen option (push Tab) shows image with a full black background and no Tools. <F> key toggles these modes.

When you choose a tool, the matching toolbar is shown at the top.


Crop Tool - Click the tool and select (resize) area to be cropped out. The shield color can be changed to highlight the area you are removing.
Perspective - click the Perspective checkbox to straighten a skewed image.


Ctrl + Z only undoes the very last action. Ctrl+Alt+Z allows repeated actions to be undone.

Web Images

File>Save for Web & Device
Click Image Size tab to adjust size
Change file type for images to jpeg from gif
Gif is good for line art, not images.


Rename your layers to avoid confusion down the road.
Text tool automatically creates a new layer.

Day 2