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Jan Abernethy

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Mrs. Abernethy's Cyber Chickens on the Web

Classroom Website - Links to everything Cyber Chickens: websites, wikis, podcasts, research sites, teacher links, parent links and more.
Classroom Wikispace - This is where most of the Cyber Chickens' web 2.0 projects reside
Cyber Chickens Podcasts - Links to the Cyber Chickens on iTunes and a resident RSS feed to follow their podcasts
Project S.C.A.T. Blog - Mrs. Abernethy's Cyber Chickens, a 5th grade class in Greenville, PA, take on hazardous waste contamination in their community. Students are looking for comments to their blog!
Project S.C.A.T. Wikispace - A student created wikispace for research on their project to raise community awareness about a hazardous waste site right next to their school.
Project Lemonade - An international collaboration project where students around the world are trying to make a difference
Morpheus Fortuna - Meet Morpheus Fortuna, a bog turtle, making his way around the country where classrooms report back on his wiki, blog, and Flikr page.
Series of Unfortunate Events Blog - Listen to student created podcasts and view projects related to this book series. A great resource for literature circle project ideas.
Math Connections - A collaboration project where students tell how math is used in the real world