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Christopher Cooley - Franklin Regional School District, Murrysville, PA
ccolle y@franklinregional.k12.pa.us

Camtasia - TechSmith
use for tutorials for technology use
record lesson (choose render, screencast.com - embed url into wiki, blog so it can be accessed)
PC - only
Beta tester for TechSmith - lecture capturing = techsmith.com

gizmoz - put picture to cartoon character

adding audio to video = multiple modalities of intelligence

3 components
1. record session - can use Camtasia
create a digital file
url - www.google.com/support/youtube/bin/topic.py?topic=10521
2. Translating the screen recording session file into an movie format - .mp4, .flv
3. Once movie is created, the file needs updates to a website that hosts videos such as Teacher Tube, youtube, or screencast.com

free download 5.0 (anything newer than 2.0)

Help center

Video tutorials for Camtasia Studio 5

free for 30 day trial
1 site license cost $299, for educators $179
additional fees possible

need a good, dependable microphone (omni-directional)
pro - $40 or less, no lag time
con - lose audio with distance

wireless microphones
pro - freedom to move
con - lag time and expensive

presented on how to use Camtasia
Left b/c I'm Mac.