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Opening Keynote Speaker
Bernajean Porter, Professional Speaker, Consultant and Digital Storytelling Guide
Author of Evaluating Digital Products: Training and Resource Tools for Using Student Scoring Guides and DigiTales: The Art of Telling Digital Stories


Perturbation - Making waves that disrupt the order
Reality is the main cause of stress
We are Consensus breakers - more is possible and we'll keep showing you until you see that.
There is a whole group of people that are avoiding the changes.

Not a discussion about stuff - it's a discussion about what is possible with the tools.

We are Raising a Generation for Greatness

State tests don't cover all the state standards

Are we looking ahead enough - are we serving kids at the highest level?

Today's students may live to the 300's, 400's. Many of us today will actually live with the choices we make for the kids.
Nurture the radiant intelligence kids have or we may kill it off.

Quotes Gary Stager -
2nd graders could be programming, doing systems thinking. They are in some places.

Whiners can get the things that kids need. Don't always settle for free. Invite businesses in to see what you want to do. They have funds/stuff to donate.

Dream a dream that people want to be a part of.

Information Anxiety - Wurman
  • Kids living in this (27% of population)
  • 10,000 playing video games, etc...

Social Tools
Have you written/edited a wikipedia entry
Do you watch videos on youtube regularly
Do you blog at least once a week
Do you use Digg, delicious, or another social bookmarking site

Do you think we can stop the social networks? Does blocking help protect kids?

Digital native introduces digital immigrant to IM'ing (video with no sound) A good one, but I couldn't find it on YouTube.
There's a generation gap.

Study about Participatory Culture - McArthur?
Alex (11yro) Concerned about e-waste and founded Win Westerly Innovations Network. Then at 12yro he and his friends got another bill together that was just passed.
Kendell (11yro) Saw a show on AIDS and decided to raise funds. Raised 29,000 and then had an illness of her own. Had all donations sent to her fund. Goal of raising 1 million dollars. Now at 700,000 dollars. Kidscaring4kids.com
Blake - intern at Netscape, but frustrated at their willingness to stay put . Started own browser - Firefox...
Heather (14yro) Dveloped an online publication to help kids develop writing skills. Online newspaper based on Harry Potter at Hogwarts.

IDEA - Kids teach community members tech skills. One area did this - a mining town that was going downhill. They received the Governor's Award.

All these things were things kids did outside of school. There wasn't time in school for this type of project.

Mel Levin - Affinity http://www.csimpson80.com/new_page_666.htm
Shows Yodeling girl from America's Got Talent as example.
Basketball student - Jason (autistic) normally handed out water, etc...but then played in final game of season.

What can we do to help kids catch fire?

Consensual Reality/Consensus Reality http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consensus_reality

Kids Power-down at school. Kids can publish to the world, it's hard to turn work into the teacher. Summary reports have passed their usefulness.

NCES 2003
20% of kids identify school work as meaningful/interesting

Influence of IQ on success
4-8% from Daniel Pink, small impact on kids being able to do well.
Emotional Q is important.

Parents are coaching kids to be bored.

Kenny -caught up in a climate of bullying.

Relationships is what moves business,

Chickson Muholey?

We've made the technology about us.

Recommended Reading:
Whole New World
Tough Choice, Tough Times
Technology Accelerates Something Jim Collins/Michael Fullen
The answer to how is yes - Peter Block

Voluntary use is killing us. What is the IT we really want to have happen?
Build up passion for what is going to happen for kids.
Just using it isn't the goal - be meaningful.

Grappling's Spectrum
Levels of Users - Consider coding your pd with these terms - don't focus on hardware - focus on headware.

Literacy - Tech stories, tool skills
Adapting - Same stories, consumers
Transforming - New Stories, Producers

Integration is not defined enough to be the term to be using. Technology by itself will NOT bring the changes possible for our students' future.
Whatever you are doing...
30-50% change
do more 50-75% has to be different because technology is harder.

How to get there: Decide and get some attitude about it. Tell your own stories, don't let media decide on story theme. Stop stories about numbers - something like digital stories can tell the human story.

Be troublemakers. NO should be the start of a conversation.

Michaelangelo quote - The danger is not in setting a goal too high and missing it, the real danger is setting a goal low and hitting it.

The need to move forward. Many factors will try to hold back change. Funding is one way to measure how change is being supported. It is about raising kids, not what we can do with the technology. We need data sets to check if we are on course. State tests are not enough, we need the right data sets to work with.

Dream a dream that people want to be a part of.

Literacy, adapting, transforming – go beyond information

It is about what is possible with the tools. Talk about what the kids are doing, not what the stuff is.

50-75% of instruction must change.