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Presented by Lance Rougeux, we learned how to use DE streaming and Adobe Premiere Elements to create movies that blend our own video with DE streaming videos.

Brief summary of steps to unite the 2 videos:
  1. Shoot digital video in front of green screen (green spandex or other "stretchy" material works well because it is wrinkle-free)
  2. Load video onto computer through firewire
  3. Locate a video on DE, using Advanced Search option. Only videos with "EDIT" option may be edited and have other video inserted into them.
  4. After saving DE video, drag and drop it into Adobe Premiere Elements into video layer 1.
  5. Insert digital video into video layer 2.
  6. Edit out green from screen by going into Effects, then Keying, then Chroma, then drag to video layer 2.
  7. Adjustments to layer 2 sizes may be necessary to make it logically fit into DE video.