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J. Tebbets - Sewickley Academy

Resources are posted here...
short version = http://tinyurl.com/2cnfg7

long version = http://www.sewickley.org/~jtebbets/_lslab/teachers/teachers.html

Why use Google Earth over paper maps? Alternative assessment potential
  • Searchable
  • GIS like map layers (transferable skill)
  • Free download
  • Combine with video, audio and image content
  • Kids love it!

Kids can do Historical Events, Current Event, Book Report, Habitat area (use polygon tool), Scavenger hunt by coordinates, landmarks/landforms, Migration, Travel routes, personal story, weather report, Planets/space/constellations

Weather - Clouds are only 3 hours old and the radar is only 15 minutes old. Images can be much older depending on location.
Students can use Google Earth to do weather tracking.

Building Tips
  • Plan on paper first (Inspiration)
  • Pay attention to saving
  • Learn/teach about using the plus/minues on the left.
  • Be sure you have placemarks in My Places, not Temporary Places
  • Build a folder and monitor that everything is in there b4 saving.
  • Use information/images (citations are there) from Discovery Streaming
  • Link to Discovery Streaming
  • To Embed Discovery Streaming you have to download and convert to flash. (http://www.media-convert.com)
  • PowerPoints can be converted to swf (flash) at Zamzar