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50 Ways: The Online Edition- Google Doc

50 Ways: The Online Edition Steve Dembo

ALan Levine 50 Web2.0 Tools

Discovery Streaming: Teacher Tools/Calendar
  • What happened on this date?
  • Students could get facts and then present
  • Find image and Blabberize.com the facts
  • Can't save blabberize but can use free software like Jing or Camtwist to record desktop
  • We have the right to use the clips and republish on the web

Family history with ToonDoo.com
  • Another site to create comic book
  • Can upload discovery images for backgrounds
  • Choose medium size images
  • Drag and drop images and additional props from the website

OurStory is a timeline site
  • Create and event
  • Each event has its own separate page to upload videos and images
  • Kids can collaborate on this site

  • Each event could be a digital story in itself

  • Post Images in voicethread kids can comment to it
  • Great books via Voice thread access it from Voicethread
  • Kids could respond to a book and comment through text or verse
  • Online Video Editor

MyPlick --- Awesome, Awesome, Awesome
  • Upload a Powerpoint presentation and sync audio